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Oct 6 - Neighbors Night Out

The National Neighbors Night out is October 6 this year. We want to announce that the HOA Board will open the clubhouse and invite all Heatherwood residents to come and meet their neighbors. Residents are encouraged to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages for their own families and portable barbecue grills for cooking hot dogs or burgers, etc. If successful, we would like to make it an annual event. Currently, very few people gather in small groups on their respective streets for this event and we hope to foster a feeling of good will that encompasses the entire subdivision.

Playground and Clubhouse Improvements

The Board is in the process of getting bids to improve the playground area and bring a new look and feel to it.
Better lighting will be installed on the clubhouse so that it is not plunged into darkness every evening.

Property Maintenance and Deed Restrictions

Due to the hailstorm we experienced in April, dozens of residents are getting new roofs. We want to remind everyone that the Architectural form is still required to be submitted to the Board prior to the installation of a new roof.
Request for Home Improvement Approval
Approval of a new roof is virtually assured for anyone submitting the form, and the Board retains all the forms submitted in the event the homeowner needs to refer to it later.


NextDoor is a free online service that is aimed at helping people in neighborhoods connect with each other. Maybe you need to borrow a ladder. Perhaps your dog is lost and you're wondering if anyone has seen him. Or maybe you discovered a great new restaurant that you'd like to let everyone know about. On NextDoor, you can connect with your Heatherwood neighbors and discuss whatever you want.

Visit Heatherwood's NextDoor page for more information.

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